Atmosphere – To All My Friends & Freefallin’

Two recent releases from the Atmosphere’s upcoming album, To All My Friends.

“To All My Friends”



Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress

The aforementioned song “Devil In A New Dress,” by Kanye West. The eerie and yet smooth production provided by Bink! makes this one of the better Kanye songs I have heard in a while.


J. Cole – Villematic

J. Cole goes in over Kanye’s most recent track, “Devil In A New Dress,” he also announced that he is going to release a new mixtape some time soon.


A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (Video)


Add-2 – Luxury (Video), Gettin’ Up Freestyle

Video for Chicago native Add-2’s “Luxury,” off of his most recent mixtape,


And a bonus freestyle by Add-2 over Q-Tip’s “Gettin’ Up,”


Andre 3000 – I Do

New Andre 3000 track. I hope this means that there is more new music from Andre to come.


Kanye West – Spaceship (Video)