Shad – When This Is Over, The Old Prince & TSOL

Canadian emcee, Shad K, as seen in previous videos, “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” and “Rose Garden,” is probably one of the best rappers that a lot of people haven’t heard about.  His sometime self-deprecating lyrics and witty humor are definitely refreshing to hear. Especially in an age of music where more people claim how awesome they think there rather than actually talk about anything of real subject or matter.   I have been playing his first three LP’s; When This Is Over, The Old Prince & TSOL. on constant rotation since I downloaded them around a month ago. I thought I would make all three available for download, since it can be hard to download them because of their availability only on Canadian iTunes. Apparently Shad’s just fine with free downloads, as he says in the track, “I Don’t Like To,”  off The Old Prince,

They don’t buy it, I say don’t buy it – pirate me

If it’s I’ll, it’ll spread virally.


When This Is Over

The Old Prince



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